I've included some sketchbook pages here, and also some pages from the journals that I keep whenever I go on a foreign trip. I quite often sketch anything that takes my fancy in these, including landscapes and even interesting people. They bring back memories more effectively than photographs, which helps if I later want to turn a sketch into a painting.


Greater Flamingo
Madagascar Harrier-hawk
A view from the bridge
Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia
Western Avahi, Madagascar
Oplurus cuvieri, Madagascar
Pink River Dolphins, Peru, July 2011
Sketches Cley 13-7-16
White-capped Dipper, Ecuador
Sketches, Cley, 13-7-16
Red Howlers and Agami Heron
Apple crop, Slovakia, October 2008

The journals themselves are Moleskine ruled notebooks. These are a handy size to take with you when you're travelling, and the pages take watercolour quite well. I now have quite a collection. I wish they produced one with a lined right hand page and a blank one on the left for sketching though!